Firearms Purchaser I.D.

Application Procedure for Firearms Purchaser Identification Card


  1. Complete application for Firearms Identification card.
  1. Be sure to complete the form in its entirety.
  2. List clearly your two references in the appropriate space provided and be sure to include a full address and phone number for references. The references will be required to complete an Endorsement and Reference Letter, which will be provided to you to give to your references. These letters must be notarized and mailed back to the Firearms Investigation Unit as part of the investigation process.
  1. Complete the Consent for Mental Health Records Search form.

Complete Part One of this form and bring it along with your application.

  1. Make appointment with Harrison Police Department Firearms Investigation Unit to turn in your application and Mental Health Form..
  2. Upon handing your application to Department personnel you will be given a MorphoTrak form for the purpose of having your fingerprints taken.
  1. Follow instructions on this form to make your appointment. Keep your receipt for your records.

The applications and certain forms could be accessed and filled out via the internet at the following address:    and navigate the system as follows:

Click on the Public Information box and choose the Firearms Information choice then choose the Forms to Download choice and once provided this list choose the Application for Firearms Identification Card/Application to Purchase a Handgun. And Consent for Mental Health Records Search.

The procedure usually takes approximately two months to complete but may vary depending on the volume of applications.  If you have any questions contact the Firearms Investigation Unit. (973) 483-4100



Harrison Police