Department of Health Title

The Public Health Nursing Division of the Health Department conducts various regularly scheduled clinics and screenings for the residents of Harrison.
Nursing Services are located at the Senior Citizens Center
221-223 Harrison Ave.
Phone #973-268-2464
Hours are Monday Friday 8am 3:30pm.
The regularly scheduled clinics are:

Blood Pressure Screening/Health Consultation - Participants have the opportunity to discuss health concerns with the nurse and have their blood pressure taken. Participants receive information on cardiovascular risk reduction, including diet modification, smoking cessation, the benefits of exercise and management of diabetes. The program is held monthly at the Senior Citizen Center from l0:00 a.m. to 12 noon.

Child Health Conference - provides well childcare for resident children age newborn to five years old. Board certified pediatrician conducts a developmental assessment and pediatric examination and administers immunizations as required by the State of New Jersey. Nurses deliver health education regarding car seat safety, nutrition, safety in the home and lead poisoning prevention. The clinic is by appointment only.

Lead Screening - provides cursory screening for children ages 1-6, held once a month by appointment only.

Immunization Audits - Annual audits of immunization records conducted for all nursery, preschool and childcare programs operating with the Town. An annual review of public school immunization records is also conducted.

Annual Screenings - Annual programs that include Flu and Pneumonia Clinics, Multiphasic Blood Screening, Prostate Screening (in conjunction with the Harrison Cancer League), Mammography Screening (in conjunction with the Harrison Cancer League) Most are by appointment only.

WIC (Women, Infants & Children) Program - Representative from local WIC office counsel pregnant and nursing women regarding proper nutrition during pregnancy and lactation. For appointment and eligibility, please contact WIC office directly at  (201) 866-4700

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