Harrison Wtaer Dept.

Zoning Office: This office is charged with the administration of the town’s Land Development Ordinance (zoning ordinance). This office performs the following duties:

- Perform inspections for the issuance of Certificates of Continued Occupancy in connection with the transfer of title or changes in occupancy.

- Review construction permit applications to insure compliance with the zoning regulations of the town.

- Issue letters of denial and refer applicants to the Board of Adjustments when an individual’s project fails to comply with the Land Development Ordinance.

- Issue Zoning permits for site improvement which mayor may not require a construction permit (common examples include, fences, signs, sheds and concrete or asphalt pavement installation on private property).

- Issue municipal summons when it is determined that the provisions of the Land Development Ordinance has been violated.

Harrison Town Clerk Office

Phil Karas: Assistant Construction Official, Plumbing Subcode Official & Building Inspector

Edward Bagniewski: Fire Subcode Official & Building Inspector

Joseph Cappuccino: Electrical Subcode Official

Stephen H. Woods: Building Subcode Official & Zoning Official

Mary Gaines: Technical Assistant & Planning Board Secretary