Harrison Town Clerk Office

Federal Housing is available in Harrison for low and middle income families in two of the best kept Housing Projects in the nation. These projects consist of the 214 dwelling units at Harrison Gardens and 54 units at Kingsland Court apartments.

An excellent park and playground system provides facilities for all outdoor sports and well trained supervisors to plan the activities of the youngsters’ leisure time. We are also fortunate to have a Community Center located at the site of the former Warner Theater, offering the citizens of Harrison a variety of recreational activities.

Harrison is fortunate to have a fine Police Department. In addition, the Harrison Fire Department has been trained to provide emergency medical service as well as to fight fires.

The present form of government consists of a Governing Body consisting of eight members of the council, presided over by Mayor Raymond J. McDonough, who took office on January 1, 1995. Mayor McDonough was preceded by Frank E. Rodgers, the nation’s longest tenured Mayor having taken office on January 1, 1947.

The Town of Harrison is fortunate to have a history rich in tradition. Despite the changes our Town has undergone, our people’s values are still the same: strong family life, respect for the law, belief in education and devotion to God.

At Harrison Public Library we provide services to approximately 15,000 patrons from the Town of Harrison and the neighboring community of East Newark. Our Services are listed on this website. Please feel free to browse either electronically or come in person. We look forward to making your acquaintance, and serving your library-related needs.

The Harrison Waterfront Redevelopment Plan represents one of the great opportunities for redevelopment in the State of New Jersey. While many former industrial areas in the State and the nation have undergone revitalization, the Harrison Redevelopment Plan has the potential to be a project of world class scale. The designated redevelopers have submitted plans which call for an array of uses that capitalize on the presence of the Harrison PATH Station and the Passaic River.

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