Harrison Police Chief Derek J. Kearns

To all Harrison Residents and the Harrison Business Community:

Welcome to the Harrison Police Department. I am pleased to share the following information with you. During my tenure as your Chief, the Harrison Police Department has undertaken a number of initiatives to combat and reduce crime. We introduced Compstat, a nationally recognized crime fighting tool to combat and reduce crime in our community. We change our Patrol strategy to maximize our Police presence to prevent crime as well as to increase our response time to better serve and protect our community. We also expanded our School Resource Officer (SRO) program by assigning an additional police officer to Washington Middle School. Last year, we introduced the Gang, Resistance, Education and Training Program (G.R.E.A.T.) to the school curriculum. The GREAT program is similar to the popular Drug Awareness Resistance and Education (DARE) program in teaching our school children the dangers of youth violence and gang membership. Through these efforts we have reduced crime. This year we experienced a 19.1% reduction in crime from last year.

In the Harrison Police Department, we pride ourselves on providing our residents and businesses with strong and effective public safety services. Clearly, the value of feeling safe and secure in your home or business, neighborhood and community cannot be overestimated. While your Police Department shoulders the primary task of your protection and of anticipating and investigating criminal activity, we are stronger and more effective with your help. Prevention of crime is a cooperative effort and responsibility between you and your Police Department. We look to you, the residents and business members of Harrison to report crimes in progress and suspicious activity. If you see something, say something. Call 911 for emergencies and crimes in progress. Call (973) 483-4100 to report suspicious activity. You can remain anonymous. Together we can and will make a difference in making our community of Harrison the best and safest it can be.

Please take this opportunity to click on the Crime Prevention Message as well as the Crime Prevention Tips Link to see how you can better protect yourself your home and your business to make Harrison a safer place to live and work

In closing, my office is always open. 318 Harrison Ave., Harrison, NJ 07029 (973) 483-4100 In an emergency dial 911 - Detective Bureau: (973) 483-5101 Fax: (973) 485-5644 Please stop by or call me at
(973) 482-7755. Very truly yours,
Derek J. Kearns
Chief of Police

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