Harrison Town Clerk Office


Bundle and tie newspapers in bundles no higher than 12 inches, tied with only natural fiber rope or string.

Mixed Paper

All acceptable paper can be mixed and may be put out for collection in a trash can, brown paper bag, or corrugated box.

Not Acceptable Material:

No Carbon Paper No Blue Prints No Plastic Bags of any kind No Waxed Milk Cartons No Waxed Paper of any kind

Co-Mingled Recyclables

(please do not overfill your recycling container)
Aluminum beverage cans, glass bottles and jars, acceptable plastic containers and household food cans be put out in one reusable container at the curb side for collection. Recycling containers can be obtained for $12 a piece at 600 Essex St., with two (2) proofs of residency (tax bill, water bill, utility) and driver’s license.

- Glass food and beverage and glass bottles ONLY (no other types of glass)
- Aluminum Beverage Cans, laundry detergent containers
- Household metal food cans (pet food cans too)
- Clear plastic soda bottles, plastic milk and water jugs
- No motor oil or anti-freeze bottles/or jugs
- No chemical, aerosol, oil or paint cans (EMPTY paint cans may be placed in with the regular trash)
- Full paint cans have to dry out, and then can be placed for pick up with regular garbage

Christmas Trees

Can be put out with regular garbage