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The Harrison Waterfront Redevelopment Plan represents one of the great opportunities for redevelopment in the State of New Jersey. While many former industrial areas in the State and the nation have undergone revitalization, the Harrison Redevelopment Plan has the potential to be a project of world class scale. The designated redevelopers have submitted plans which call for an array of uses that capitalize on the presence of the Harrison PATH Station and the Passaic River.


The Plan seeks to unite the developersí proposals with a design theme rich in industrial, cultural, and environmental identity. Through exemplary design based on the history and heritage of the Area, the Waterfront Redevelopment Plan will forge a bold new identity for Harrison. None of this could have been achieved were it not for the vision possessed by the Town of Harrison - a vision that has been validated by the interest of seven redevelopers. Together, their proposals will create a vibrant mixed-use, transit-oriented, pedestrian -scale development that will make Harrison a regional destination for years to come.

  View the entire Harrison Water front redevelopment plan click here and Harrison Master plan click here. Note that these are large Adobe .pdf file 248Mb and 70 Mb in size.  

Harrison, NJ Red Bull Arena Logo


Our new state of the art soccer stadium is the home of the Red Bull New York Major League Soccer team, located in Harrison, New Jersey. The stadium has a capacity of about 25,000 or more. It features a full wavy translucent European-style roof that covers all of the seats in the stadium but not the pitch. The stadium sits alongside the Passaic River with a view of the Newark, New Jersey, skyline.  The stadium is accessible via public transportation at the PATH train station stop at Harrison.

Harrison Redevopment

Harrison Redevopment


This is A joint venture between the principals, Millennium Homes and the Roseland Property Company. Mixed-use development ( estimated details ). 1000 residential units with approximately 800 2-bedroom units, 100 3- bedroom units and 100 1-bedroom units with 1500 parking spaces. 40,000 square feet of neighborhood retail space with parking shared with commercial/office units ( see below ). 800,000 square feet of commercial/ office space with 3,200 parking spaces. It is estimated that approximately 100 residential units will come on line per year beginning in the spring of 2007 and 2,000 square feet of retail coming on line by the spring of 2010. As of 2008, no timeframe is currently available for office space at this time due to market conditions.


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