Fire Department

The Harrison Fire Department personnel serve the residents of Harrison with the utmost respect, pride and dedication.

During our Tour of Duty, not only do we spend our day responding to various fire calls, but we also respond to residents and visitors in need of medical attention as all Harrison Firefighters are highly trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's). We are here to serve our community and do it always with professionalism and pride in our job.


Fighting fires and running the Town Ambulance are the two things that most residents are familiar with, but there are so many other facets and duties that go along with being a Harrison Firefighter:
  • Fire inspections of local businesses along with inspections of multiple dwellings
  • Investigate complaints that are made by residents
  • Pre-planning of different business and/or buildings throughout Harrison
  • Familiarization tours of various buildings throughout Harrison
  • Installation of smoke detectors for elderly residents
  • (appointments made through Fire Prevention Bureau)
  • Test smoke alarms to ensure that they are working properly
  • Run required fire drills within the Harrison school system on a monthly basis
  • Maintain our equipment
  • Train with our equipment and attend training classes