Harrison Museum

The Henry Mutz Museum of Harrison was opened in the year 2002 in the lower level of the Town Hall Annex. The museum was named in honor of Henry Mutz who served as the town's first historian from 1980-1989. Mr. Mutz spent years collecting memorabilia and items of interest from the Town of Harrison. At that time, he devoted a room in his home on Paterson Street as a museum, displaying the many artifacts he had collected. Mr. Mutz passed away in 1989 and his family donated his collection to the Town of Harrison. In the year 2000, the Town Hall Annex was opened adjacent to the current Town Hall and a room was set aside to display the many photos and memorabilia collected largely by Mr. Mutz.

In 1990, I was named the town's second historian. I had worked closely with Mr. Mutz and Mr. DiSalvo, then Superintendent of Schools, to identify many of the items of interest.
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It has been my pleasure to have been named the second town historian after the late great Mr. Henry Mutz. I personally invite you to come in and browse through the Harrison Museum. Thank you.

Anthony R. Comprelli

The Town is working on a new location